Health and safety

    We work closely with our HSE&Q colleagues outside of the UK exchanging information, ideas, initiatives and experiences which allows us to share our knowledge as well as the wealth of knowledge from outside of the UK.

    Our HSE&Q team, through the Technical Services Department reports directly to the Managing Director and is completely autonomous with no external pressure from, or line management responsibilities to, operational delivery.

    Our team are fully qualified, very experienced and have worked in the industry for some considerable time. As well as each team member having generic HSE&Q qualifications and experience they also have individual specialisms of competence (for example, access, asbestos management etc.).

    Making tangible, demonstrable progress on risk and hazard management remains a key objective and a priority. We ensure we have clear, regular and auditable communication and audit processes supporting, advising and assuring our field based staff in legislative and compliance requirements for radiological and conventional safety, plus behavioural safety initiatives.

    For example, the Technical Services Department has led the introduction and subsequent change management programme for our Cultural Safety Programme that has been developed in cooperation with our Corporate HSE colleagues. The main tenets of the programme are provided below:
    > Committed leadership for safety - Service Managers are committed to the safety and health of all workers through their own safety cultural and behaviours.
    > Effective safety teamwork - Safety thrives on teamwork. Where possible we look to create safe habits which we all perform automatically creating interdependence at the work face.
    > Positive coaching for safety - From time to time we all need to be reminded about our safety, whether that is in the form of prompting us to behave more safely or appreciating our efforts to keep safe.
    > Recognition for safety performance - Being safe and staying safe is a challenge for all of us!
    > Critically ensuring leadership and commitment from the Board of directors right through the management structure

    At KAEFER consistent high standards for safety are recognised.

    The benefits of our approach are very clear. Our accident rate is reducing year on year.

    Autonomous, competent, well qualified and motivated staff with individual specialities supported by ongoing training and Business Unit wide learning initiatives means that our staff are fully supported in the field.

    Furthermore, our clients are assured that as a company, we are undertaking objective audits and inspections through our internally mandated processes, accountable and meaningful. This ensures genuine continuous improvements with no conflict of interest with operational or financial pressures.



    KAEFER is fully committed to the prevention of any injuries or ill heath to all persons likely to be affected by its activities, by establishing and implementing robust management systems and procedures. Such systems will ensure compliance to Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and (BS OHSAS 18001:2007)