Experienced Fire Protection Contractors

    To stop fire, smoke and toxic gases eating their way from room to room, deck to deck or floor to floor, our fire-protection systems stop these threats in their tracks. We line rooms with non-flammable, smoke-impermeable materials for example, so that walls, ceilings and steel structure can resist the flames for longer and poisonous gases cannot disperse.

    We are approved applicators for spray applied Intumescent and Cementitious Fire Protection Materials which include: Chartek (Interchar), Thermolag, Firetex, Pittchar, Fendolite & Pyrocrete

    We also install and manufacturer castings for Vessels and Tanks and provide Specialist Decorative Finishes.

    The Structural and Passive Fire protection Projects successfully completed include:
    > Isle of Grain Expansion
    > Dragon LNG
    > Total - HDS Hydrotreater
    > Britsas Deck


    Passive Fire Protection