Complete exterior treatment and protection for exposed structures in the harshest environments

    The external surfaces of any large structure or building need to be protected against damage by wind, rain and severe weather, as well as providing effective fire protection. That’s why KAEFER offers a range of innovative, high-performance paints and coatings, enabling you to choose the most effective surface protection to prolong the life of your buildings and installations.

    Our experienced coatings specialists will assess your requirements, conduct corrosion surveys and risk assessments and recommend the most appropriate surface treatments for your facilities. Our teams will carry out all necessary surface preparation, blasting and treatment. As well as corrosion protection, waterproofing and weatherproofing, we also supply innovative coatings that provide passive fire protection.

    We work closely with specialist paints and coating manufacturers, as well as KAEFER’s own research and development teams in Germany, to ensure we offer the most comprehensive selection of high-performance coatings to meet the demands of structures in even the harshest marine and offshore environments.

    You will enjoy a complete hassle-free service from KAEFER, including all scaffolding, where required. Your painting project can also be combined with insulation services and asbestos removal, giving you a fully integrated service from a single supplier.


    Surface Protection