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One group - one code.

From skilled labour on the construction site to project management and all the way through to group management – our daily work shapes the public perception and reputation of KAEFER. It determines our success, not just as a company, but also as individuals. Our sustainable mind-set, our high health & safety standards, our customers’ satisfaction and our economic development are all direct results of our own actions and the way in which we carry them out. We are not just insulators, interior outfitters, scaffolders, engineers or office workers – we are KAEFER ambassadors worldwide!

Every one of our employees all over the world influences and shapes KAEFER on a local as well as global scale. The result: a skilled and globally interconnected company which commits itself to pursuing the vision ‘to eliminate the energy waste’ by living its mission to support our clients' success by delivering highly professional plant integrity services and solutions for the Industry, Marine & Offshore, and Construction business worldwide.

In doing so, of course, we all have a legal and moral responsibility for our actions: signing contracts, building relationships with our clients and following health & safety guidelines are only a few aspects of the daily business where inappropriate behaviour could not only put the company, but also the individual, at a disadvantage.

Cultural diversity within the group implies a variety of legal forms and moral norms. At the same time, a shared commitment is essential to transcend the borders of the individual KAEFER countries. These are the reasons why we introduced the KAEFER Code of Business Conduct in 2011. It serves as the underlying code of the KAEFER Group and all its employees.

In this way we strive to provide a professional, sustainable and ethical model for KAEFER employees to do business worldwide.