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Health & Safety

For the wellbeing of everyone we work with.

Our em­ploy­ees are our greatest as­sets and we do everything we pos­sibly can to en­sure their well­being, health and safety.

Most of them work on build­ing sites around the world and every day, they give their all by brav­ing the heights, the cold, the heat and wind and rain. There­fore, it is ab­so­lutely im­per­at­ive to work to­wards our tar­get of zero in­cid­ents and ac­ci­dents.

In or­der to achieve that we fo­cus on cre­at­ing a safety cul­ture at KAEFER.

Only if all the mem­bers of our or­gan­isa­tion are com­mit­ted to and aware of the im­port­ance of health and safety can we make a sus­tain­able dif­fer­ence. From edu­ca­tion and train­ing to risk as­sess­ment and safety awards, all our meas­ures con­trib­ute to pos­it­ive and meas­ur­able res­ults for every­one – from the man­age­ment board to the work­ers on the con­struc­tion sites.

In­cid­ents and ac­ci­dents can hap­pen, of course. It’s about en­sur­ing they don't hap­pen again. That's why we take the in­vest­ig­a­tion and ana­lysis of work-re­lated in­cid­ents very ser­i­ously and make it an es­sen­tial part of man­aging health and safety at KAEFER.

And when it comes to deal­ing with the re­moval and con­tain­ment of as­bes­tos con­tain­ing ma­ter­i­als (ACM), we don’t just ap­ply high stand­ards – we ex­ceed them. From erect­ing en­clos­ures and the re­moval of as­bes­tos in­su­la­tion to the sampling, re­pair and en­cap­su­la­tion of ACM and trans­fer of waste to dis­posal fa­cil­it­ies, KAEFER is one of the few com­pan­ies to of­fer these ser­vices to both in­dus­trial and pub­lic sec­tor cli­ents.

Safety stand­ards set the para­met­ers within which we op­er­ate. And they also set the bar with which we meas­ure our per­form­ance. There­fore, re­port­ing is an im­port­ant factor. Be­cause you can­not re­solve an is­sue if you don’t know it ex­ists. Only if we act upon is­sues today can we make a dif­fer­ence for to­mor­row.

It may sound ob­vi­ous, but health and safety is a pre­requis­ite in our busi­ness. For us and for our cli­ents. That’s why we act­ively in­volve them in all as­pects of our safety cul­ture and wel­come a mu­tual ex­change of ideas and con­cepts on how to en­sure we reach the tar­get of zero ac­ci­dents and in­cid­ents.

Michael Sturm

Michael Sturm

Corporate Health, Safety & Environment

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