Composite Services

Maximising the cleanliness, safety, and functionality of your facilities through expert composite services, including industrial cleaning and facilities management.

General Cleaners

As part of our expert composite services, KAEFER can provide general cleaners for industrial sites including prepping locations for further work and Health & Safety cleans during wider projects: keeping surfaces free from slip hazards such as dust, grinding dust, cable ties etc. Clearing spaces of rubbish and combustible materials.

KAEFER UK & Ireland currently deliver the following composite services specifically for clients in the Defence Industry: please enquire if you would like to discuss utilising these services at your own site.

Specialist Cleaners:  KAEFER Staff are trained in various courses such as MEWP driving, Banks Person and pressure washing. These Staff will conduct washdowns, dock cleans, etc. Any other specialist activities which include cleaning these staff will assist with, including internal and external of caissons.

The MEWP driver & Banks Person often assist commission vessels in adhoc activities such as whip aerial replacements, flight deck lights etc.

Industrial Cleaners (Tankies):  KAEFER Staff will conduct TCV (Tank cleaning of vessel) which involves the cleaning of every engine room, engine room bilge and tanks. The Team entering the tanks are trained in confined space awareness, checking for gas free certification by a chemist. Intrinsically safe lighting, use of Draeger units and personal oxy meters. Our teams are experienced in working in high-hazard spaces with limited room for movement.

Final Cleaners:  Towards the end of the refit prior to the vessel being handed back to the Royal Navy, the KAEFER Final cleaners will clean to a very high standard and each compartment will be presented to the Navy for acceptance, ready for Ships Staff move onboard. These will be cabins, living quarters, galleys, dining halls as well as all other 350 compartments on the vessel.

First Aid Firefighting (FAFF): To be a part of the KAEFER FAFF team the following training is required:

  • CABA medical
  • Face fit for vision 3 mask (Breathing apparatus)
  • 4 days FAFF course, this includes 1-day hot work course (HWS), 1- day Confined Space Rescue (CSR) course, 1-day FAFF course, 1-day 1st Aid course

The Client is provided with trained Operatives 24/7 whilst they have care & custody of the vessel. The Team will respond to any vessel emergency such as fire, flood, casualty or gas leak.

The Team is required to undertake rounds (patrols) every hour, this is so they can continually check areas for any potential fire hazards or floods. The FAFF Team is front of house, checking staff entering the vessel have boarding cards and correct PPE/RPE.

Security: The Security Operative has a very important role, he/she will be controlling all access and egress for the ship, he/she will be checking that any Operatives trying to enter site, has the correct boarding pass and correct PPE/RPE for the site. He/she will be monitoring the T CARD rack, the T CARD rack is to indicate who is currently on site.

When the vessel is evacuated in an emergency, the Security will inform the FAFF Team, on the number of Staff remaining on Site.

Hot work sentry (HWS): We provide our client with many HWS across the site, our Client has many Operatives that undertake hot work tasks when a ship is in for a refit, this will include burning big inserts out of a ship where damage has occurred and then they will replace & weld so the damage has now been removed, this task requires a HWS. The HWS is the eyes and ears for the Operative doing the work, for example if the hot worker is welding an insert back into place, the HWS will be positioned on the opposite side to where the work is being carried out. This means our team can ensure we keep fire hazards to a minimum.

If the Hot work sentry does see a fire or a potential for a fire to start, he/she will inform the hot worker immediately for them to stop work and make the area safe or extinguish the fire. The Sentry is trained in the use of extinguishers.

Tank Sentry: KAEFER provides Clients with tank sentries, any tank that is being entered by an individual must have a tank sentry in place, this is to ensure we have radio contact with the SCO (FAFF TEAM) if an incident does occur and emergency first aid is required, the FAFF team will respond and take over the situation.

Confine Space Rescue Teams (CSR): KAEFER provides clients with many CSR Teams across their sites. These Teams are responsible for all work that changes the atmosphere in an enclosed space, for example a tank. These tasks can include Hot work/ Painting / Blasting. The team is situated outside of the confine space they will have a module air unit, which is breathing apparatus, the team will also have emergency resuscitation equipment (ERE), this allows the CSR team to enter the space for whatever reason without being overcome by fumes, and put oxygen onto casualty if required.

This team will also be able to support emergency first aid if required, and if needed will extract the casualty from the danger area if required. We also have additional CSR teams, we could have x 4 CSR teams on one platform at one time, each team will be responsible for a certain area.