Passive Fire Protection

Protecting lives and property with cutting-edge passive fire protection solutions.

KAEFER facing the dangers of fire head-on with passive fire protection solutions.

The importance of passive fire protection usually becomes more apparent after the event of a fire. That’s why KAEFER continually strives to be one step ahead by developing and implementing passive fire protection systems that provide the highest levels of safety – to protect the people who live and work inside industrial facilities, buildings and structures.

From trading products to tailored solutions and the complete planning, development and execution of large-scale fire protection systems, KAEFER has the experience and expertise to keep fire at bay.

We are specialists in spray-applied Intumescent and Cementitious Fire Protection Materials and we are approved by all leading PFP manufacturers .

We also install and manufacture castings for Vessels and Tanks, and provide Specialist Decorative Finishes.