Scaffold Design

Building the Framework for Your Success: Innovative Scaffold Design Solutions.

Our expert scaffold design services include designing scaffolds in virtual reality – get a realistic view of your scaffold environment before it’s built.

KAEFER have a full team of qualified scaffold designers to support our operations throughout the UK & Ireland. The department uses the most up-to-date digital solutions to produce the required design documents, drawings and analysis.

The dept produces design drawings in 3D using Autodesk Revit, and combines this software with the use of drone and laser scanning of existing structures, and BIM output from clients to ensure the scaffold can be designed to the most accurate tolerances possible.

  • 3D modelling means only having to model the scaffold once
  • Increased accuracy and reduced clashes on site
  • Accurate material list
  • Efficiencies
  • Rendered models allow a more collaborative environment when discussing the solution with our client. Video walk through and zoom options allow full scrutiny of the proposed designs to ensure fit for purpose on a right first-time approach. With this right first time approach, ad hoc modifications are minimised, mitigating risks, rework and delays associated to them
  • For larger projects, sequence designs (and subsequently sequenced material lists) allow for a better planned and more efficient project.
  • Weights provided, allowing selection of appropriate vehicles and ensures no vehicle is overloaded
  • With a digital design system and stock database working in sync, we can design a scaffold using components that we have readily available. This minimises disruptions and helps to ensure that the right parts are in the right place at the right time