Access Solutions is one of the many industrial services we provide



When it counts, count on us. KAEFER Total Access is one of the ways we make this come to life. It’s visible in our superior solutions, our strong in-house technical expertise, and our ability to share best practices to offer the most professional integrated services and solutions.

With our ac­cess solu­tions, you will be­ne­fit from rapid mo­bil­isa­tion, min­imal setup time and lim­ited dis­rup­tion; we have a proven track re­cord of cost ef­fect­ive­ness and safety al­ways re­mains our top pri­or­ity.

In addition our teams the most up-to-date digital solutions to support our access delivery and provide efficient and professional site project management. At KAEFER we always plan to add value to our client’s projects, with our efficient and innovative solutions and expertise.


Building the foundation for success with scaffolding.

KAEFER has a proven track record of providing creative scaffolding solutions.
We provide specialist access systems for a range of projects on power stations, industrial plants, construction sites, nuclear plants, highways and infrastructure, marine facilities and more.

We can provide advanced access, support, containment and protection systems developed by our in-house Design Department and supported by our corporate experts to meet your specific needs. Our qualified and experienced team have produced a vast array of structures ranging from simple access scaffolds to huge encapsulations, multi-directional loading systems and complex support structures.

As part of our scaffolding services, KAEFER also has a core team of trained encapsulation specialists. We can satisfy client requirements ranging from simple protection screens to weather-tight structures incorporating advanced drainage systems.

Rope Access

Elevating safety and efficiency with rope access.

Rope access is as simple as it is ingenious, it minimises risk and maximises flexibility.

The speed of deployment can make all the difference when it comes to minimising downtime.

KAEFER provides highly competent specialists that are well-versed in the art of reaching challenging areas and solving problems. The solutions for rope access are vast.

KAEFER can also provide IRATA training to Levels 1, 2 and 3 at two training centres located in the North of England and the North of Scotland.

Our rope access services can also be combined with other solutions such as weld and NDT inspection, insulation, surface protection, and fireproofing to maximize integrated services and efficiency.


Reaching new heights with Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs).

Providing safe temporary access to those difficult-to-reach areas.

From scissor lifts to booms, machine elevated work platforms (MEWPs) are an ideal solution to provide temporary access to areas that are difficult to reach.

The benefit of these platforms is their flexibility – they can be positioned exactly where you need them, and they are quick and easy to move into place.
For the widest variety of applications, KAEFER supply and use a wide range of versatile elevated platforms which often provide specific advantages over more traditional access systems.