Surface Protection is one of the many industrial services we provide


Mitigating corrosion, enhancing functionality, and extending asset life through surface protection services.

Regardless of whether it’s a LNG jetty, a large gas absorber in a power plant, or a small jetty structure on the coast, the surfaces of industrial facilities that are exposed to wind, weather, water, process temperatures and chemical stresses need to be protected.

The art is in determining how best to protect them. That’s where KAEFER comes in.

Surface Protection

Protect your assets with our reliable surface protection solutions.

When it comes to ensuring that coatings and linings provide the durability and protection you expect, we provide the innovative, tailor made solutions you need.

Our service portfolio in Surface Protection covers:

• Planning, conception, development and design
• Application and maintenance
• Inspection and testing
• Project and quality management

Our service portfolio in metal and concrete surface preparation covers:

• Abrasive blasting with a huge variety of different blasting media and media sizes
• Ultra-high pressure water jetting with up to 40.000 psi
• Inductive Heat System for removing thick film coatings and passive fire protection systems from carbon steel
• Power and hand tool cleaning
• High-pressure water cleaning with up to 4.400 psi to remove dirt, grease and oil