Celebrating Excellence in Devonport | KAEFER UK & Ireland
KAEFER UK & Ireland Devonport team have been awarded the prestigious SC21 Gold Performance Award.
SC21 Gold Award
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Celebrating Excellence in Devonport

Celebrating Excellence in Devonport

KAEFER UK & Ireland is celebrating a remarkable achievement. The Devonport team has been awarded the prestigious Gold Performance Award as part of the 21st Century Supply Chain’s (SC21) Operational Excellence programme.

The historic Devonport Docks, as depicted in an 1832 drawing, symbolise centuries of maritime excellence and innovation. In this legacy of progress and industry, KAEFER UK & Ireland continues to uphold these values and drive forward with modern achievements.

In an industry characterised by rapid advances and high demands, maintaining a competitive edge is vital. SC21, a programme supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) and the Ministry of Defence, aims to improve the competitiveness of the aerospace and defence sectors by enhancing the performance of their supply chains.

Committed to Customer Service, Value, and Delivery

For 15 years, KAEFER UK & Ireland has been a trusted provider of industrial services at the Devonport Royal Dockyard in Plymouth, working closely with Babcock International. The team’s commitment to customer service, value, and delivery has allowed them to expand their range of services.

Achieving the SC21 Gold Award is no small feat. Organisations must meet rigorous criteria in delivery, quality and sustainable improvement across a framework of business, manufacturing and relationship excellence. This prestigious recognition, in the form of bronze, silver or gold awards, underscores the high standards these companies uphold.

Highlighting the importance of the SC21 programme, Kevin Craven, CEO of ADS Group, said: “SC21 is an important programme that boosts supply chain productivity and collaboration across the Aerospace and Defence industries. KAEFER’s continued commitment and participation in SC21 should be strongly applauded.”

We’re thrilled to have reached the Gold Standard here at KAEFER Devonport. This award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team at the site. We’re truly committed to excellence in our supply chain, and this recognition validates our efforts and our KAEFER LEAN approach. Our mission is to be the most reliable and efficient provider of technical industrial services and this award shows that we’re on the right track.

Richard Cornish, KAEFER UK & Ireland's Business Manager - Defence South

Continuously Improving with LEAN Management

Implemented throughout the whole KAEFER group, LEAN management leverages synergies and simplifies working processes for employees by creating a common understanding and mindset. It plays a vital role in strengthening the culture of operational excellence through establishing routines for continuous improvement.

At KAEFER UK & Ireland, LEAN principles are implemented at every stage of a project to ensure thorough planning, efficient execution, and post-completion analysis. At the KAEFER Business Days 2024, KAEFER UK & Ireland were awarded Best LEAN Development and Best LEAN Innovation for their performance in 2023.

To become a SC21 Gold Award winner, KAEFER UK & Ireland had to meet ambitious performance and service targets, achieving over 99% for both quality and on-time delivery. The team also demonstrated outstanding performance in manufacturing, business processes and relationship management. This achievement underlines KAEFER’s commitment to superior service, quality, and delivery standards.

Looking ahead, KAEFER is committed to maintaining and embedding these high standards across all naval dockyard sites, demonstrating the tangible benefits of the SC21 programme in driving supply chain competitiveness and productivity. The success at Devonport serves as an inspiration for all KAEFER teams worldwide, showcasing the impact of dedication and collaboration.

At a time when operational excellence and strategic collaboration are paramount, KAEFER UK & Ireland’s achievement stands as a beacon of success and a model for others in the industry to emulate.