Shining a Light on KAEFER Sellafield Operations | KAEFER UK & Ireland
We are delighted to announce some recent changes in our KAEFER Sellafield leadership and support team.
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Shining a Light on KAEFER Sellafield Operations

Shining a Light on KAEFER Sellafield Operations

KAEFER UK & Ireland is proud to highlight our longstanding operations at the Sellafield site in Cumbria, reflecting our unwavering dedication to excellence in the nuclear sector. For over 20 years, we have delivered award-winning services to Sellafield Ltd and our wider Supply Chain partners.

Sellafield, often described as the largest and most complex nuclear facility in Europe, presents some of the highest hazard activities in challenging environments. Our KAEFER teams continue to safely navigate these complexities, relying on the skill and professionalism of our dedicated staff to fulfil the Sellafield mission.

As leaders in our field, we understand the importance of evolving our site leadership to sustain our vision and drive for future success.

We are delighted to announce recent changes within our leadership and support teams that will build upon our outstanding achievements to date.

Promotions within our operational team include:

  • Gary Chandler, Operations Manager
  • Steve Sorenson, Scaffold Manager
  • Martin Horner, Project Manager
  • Mike McKee, Sub-Projects Manager
  • Mark Austin, Sub-Projects Manager

We also welcome new additions to our KAEFER HR team:

  • Emma Wilson-Wyer, HR Business Partner
  • Matthew Moon, HR Advisor

Our procurement, resource, and planning teams have been strengthened with:

  • Rhys Dobinson, Planner
  • Marcus Todhunter & Kyle Hiddleston, Procurement Coordinators
  • Dean Stevens, Labour & Logistics Coordinator

Welcoming Our New SIS Framework Manager: Michael Bear

We are pleased to introduce Michael Bear as the Sellafield Industrial Services (SIS) Framework Manager. Michael’s vast experience and leadership will be invaluable as we continue to drive success throughout the Sellafield site.

KAEFER’s continued and ever-expanding success at Sellafield is only possible through the dedication and talent of our exceptional team. Their unlimited drive and passion make us leaders in our field. These recent promotions and additions to the KAEFER Team continues to show our dedication to building a team of leaders and nuclear professionals that affirm that KAEFER is the partner of choice for our clients.

Darren New, KAEFER UK & Ireland's General Manager for Sellafield

Congratulations and welcome to all our new and promoted team members. We look forward to collectively achieving great success.